Conditions of Membership

Membership in the Network shall be limited to persons working in or affiliated with an MS Clinic who are interested in furthering the objectives of the Network and shall consist of the following categories of members:

(a)Full Members are Physicians who have been elected to such membership by members of the Network. Full members shall have distinguished themselves by their expertise in clinical MS management.

(b)Associate Members are those who do not fill the above criteria, but who may be elected to membership, following recommendation by Council, by virtue of the quality of their clinical involvement or research in aspects of MS.

Membership Benefits

The CNMSC is a unique collaboration of Canadian Multiple Sclerosis healthcare providers dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

CNMSC members have access to:

  • Network Distribution List - aimed at addressing the evolving needs of patients and the complex challenge of managing MS through discussion of hot topic issues, clinical developments and research opportunities.
  • On-Line Voting - members can be involved in decision making made through online voting working with the executive committee to address emerging issues in MS through the development of leadership position statements from the MS clinician community in order to advance treatment and research in MS care.

Membership Obligations

  • Pay Dues (voting members)
  • Attend CNMSC meetings
  • Dissemination of relevant developments/clinical issues to CNMSC membership
  • Maintain patient confidentiality in network communications
  • Recognize network communications are not equivalent to a full consultation and do not represent the views, values or opinions of all members of the CNMSC.

CNMSC New Membership Application

All membership applications are accepted and reviewed by the CNMSC Membership Committee and are submitted to the CNMSC Executive Committee for final review and acceptance. To become a CNMSC member please choose the appropriate membership category and submit the following:

  • Completed Application form
  • CV
  • Annual Membership Dues (Voting Members)
    • Make cheque out to The Canadian Network of MS Clinics and mail to:

      Michelle Eisner
      S195 – 2211 Wesbrook Mall
      Vancouver, BC V6T 2B5

Submit to: Michelle Eisner:

Annual Membership Dues

Physicians/Healthcare Professionals: $100

Annual request for payment will be sent to individual eligible members. A reminder will be sent within 30 days of initial request the member will be notified of removal of their voting eligibility.

CNMSC Membership Categories

The CNMSC has several membership categories which are based on specific criteria.

Voting Members

Voting members qualify for full membership including them in the email distribution list, access to voting member email list and access to the on-line voting system when important issues, clinical developments and research opportunities are discussed. Decisions reached based on input from a quorum of at least 70%. Voting members can be included in membership/leadership committees and can also be candidates (by CNMSC vote) for Executive Committee Membership including At Large Member, Vice President or President.

To qualify a member must be:

  • An MS fellowship-trained (one year minimum) neurologist or neurologist who spends a minimum of 2 days per week engaged in MS-related activities with at least one day per week seeing MS patients.
  • Practicing in Canada
  • Pay annual membership dues

Voting Member Exceptions

Under exceptional circumstances a member who does not meet all of the voting member criteria, but who is deemed high invested may be considered by the Membership Committee for voting member status by invitation from the Membership Committee.

To qualify for consideration this includes:

  • Canadians living abroad, who otherwise meet voting member criteria
  • MS Nurse Practitioners or leaders in MS research who work in Canada and, per Membership Committee review, are considered active contributors to the Canadian MS community
    • Required with application:

       Submit an impact statement outlining clinical practice and/or research program contributions to the MS field

Non-Voting Members

Non-Voting Members have access to participate in the general email distribution list where important issues, clinical developments, research opportunities are discussed in addition to opportunity to participate in committees and future task forces convened by the Executive Committee to address emerging issues in MS that require a unified stance or position statement from the MS clinician community.

This includes:

  • Canadian neurologists seeing MS patients 1 day per week, or MS neurologists with some connection to Canada, ie. Canadians practicing abroad or Canadian trained physicians
  • MS fellows and residents not meeting voting member criteria
  • Non-neurologist physicians and Allied health professionals who focus on MS, ie. RN, NP, PT, OT, Social Worker, etc.
  • PhD Researchers with a demonstrated active interest in MS with first/last author publication in highly-respected journals, ie. Neurology, Brain, Lancet Neurology, JAMA Neurology, Annals of Neurology, MSJ